Balmoral Storage Company

Local self storage facility looking for a simple advertising presence.

Cheddington Baby & Toddler Group

A local baby & toddler group (not-for-profit organisation) looking for an easy to use website and email solution.

Pik ‘n’ Mix Dance

A contemporary dance and ballet company with a modern, funky attitude.

The Haldi Restaurant

Online menu & advertising for a local indian bangladeshi restaurant.

Marsworth Pre-School

A popular village pre-school (not-for-profit organisation) wanted a website and email solution allowing them to incorporate the baby & toddler group yet still keep it...

(i)Vinghoe Velos

Local cycling group wanted a web presence enabling them to advertise planned rides, encourage new members & maintain an email database & mailing list.

Culleton & Culleton

Coaching and consultancy, individual and corporate.

Elke’s Kitchen Website

A local outside catering company offering bespoke catering services.

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Do you run a small business? Have you written a book? Do you run a group or charity? Maybe you’ve just got something you’d like to say or share. Babybadger can help you put yourself in the electronic world, on the internet, in cyberspace, with your own website; Your own space to advertise your company, self-publish your writings, promote your local group or activity or simply air your view for the world to see. Babybadger can help you achieve all of this, using plain English, with no jargon & in a friendly yet professional manner. Established specifically for people who don’t want to get involved with lots of technicalities & bumpf, the Babybadger team has lots of experience in translating everyday ideas into technical web speak & “making things happen”. All the team members come from customer facing roles, technical IT backgrounds & training positions. We take pride in being able to explain, in plain English, the things you want to know & the stuff you need to know. From the computer fearful to the techie geek, we can give you all the help you need to get your own website up & running, then hold your hand on your new adventure in cyberspace as you develop & grow your ideas. Want your own website but blinded by the jargon? Not with Babybadger. You don’t need it & we don’t use it. Everything in plain English – just the way it should be.